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Photo Essay: 'Wrecked' Concert

Douglas Boultinghouse
Staff Photographer
Takin' a Look Around Michelle Branch scans the crowd of thousands that came out to see the show. This might have been the largest turn out for the KSSN event to date. Goin' Solo Jessica Harp prepares to sing solo with acoustic guitar as Branch takes a break. Harp covered Bonnie Raitt as she strummed the guitar and sang with no backing for a completely stripped performance.

"Way Back Home" - The Wreckers belt out the song while playing guitar.  The duo sang side-by-side during this performance, separating briefly to shake hands with fans.

Wailin' (Left) Harp sings her verse during the opening number of the show.  She showcased her strong country voice. (Right) Branch harmonizes with Harp for "Crazy People." The Song was the kick-off for the tattoo bet that was proposed to the audience. Only one crazy person took the challenge.
Gettin' Autographed Branch signs the person who volunteered to get the band's name tattooed on him. Since the tattoo booth closed, the fan can remember this night with an autograph. Openin' Act Sixteen-year-old Bailey Hefley opens the show with her set of original songs and covers at the annual musical event.
Movin' the Crowd Trent Tomlinson works his way through the crowd back towards the stage. The frenzy created among the fans as he weaved in and out of rows was almost as entertaining as his performance.
Shootin' and Jammin' (Left) Tomlinson returns to the stage for a surprise encore of "Country Is My Rock."  He shot T-Shirts into the crowd with an air gun. The crowd was wired and ready to be "Wrecked." (Right) Tomlinson shows off his skills on the guitar as he tackles Johnny Cash's famous "Folsom Prison Blues." This performance went over well with a crowd of country music fans from Cash's home state.
Keepin' Fans Alive Jason Michael Carroll reaches out to touch a fan on the front row's hand as he performed his song "I Can Sleep When I'm Dead."
Little Rocks Rockin' - Little Rock's own Riverbilly performs a selection of songs and their anthem "Just The Way We Do It," which is climbing the KSSN charts.

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