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It's All Greek To Me

Danielle Kloap
Around Campus Editor

Photo Courtesy of Sigma Sigma Sigma

Celebration- The ladies of Sigma Sigma Sigma celebrate Bid Day with their new members.  Front row (laying): Stephanie Hackney. Second row (kneeling): Nicole Hensley, Jessie Caine, Ashley Thomas, Angie Herring, Leslie Allen and Brittaney Miller. Back row: Hannah Hackney, Scott Allison Richardson, Hayley Norris, Nicci Norton, Emily Barnett, Amanda Couch, Dona McLain and Danielle Kloap.

 Sorority Recruitment Results 

   Sixteen women went all the way through sorority recruitment this year at the University of Arkansas at Monticello.

   After the preferential teas concluded Sept. 7, advisers and alumnae of Alpha Sigma Alpha, Alpha Sigma Tau and Sigma Sigma Sigma gathered in the John F. Gibson University Center to bid match.

   Bid matching ended after 1 a.m.  The advisers and alumnae cannot tell their sororities which women they picked.  They can only tell them how many new members they get.   

   The three sororities gathered in the U.C. Green Room Saturday, Sept. 8 for Bid Day. A lot of singing, chanting and yelling took place while the sororities waited to receive their new members.

Photo Courtesy of Alpha Sigma Alpha

New Members - Alpha Sigma Alpha gave bids to (left to right) Britney Bradshaw, Ashley Reese, Megan Engelerth and Laura Ramos.

   The new members, after accepting their bid, walked out of the House Room and ran to their new sisters. 

  • Alpha Sigma Alpha accepted four new women: Ashley Reese, Laura Ramos, Megan Engelerth and Britney Bradshaw, into their sorority.

  • Alpha Sigma Tau gained six new sisters: Nikki Henry, Julianne Ford, Lindsey White, Mallory Cox, Sandy Herring and Shainna Hines.

  • Sigma Sigma Sigma welcomed six new sisters, Leslie Allen, Emily Barnett, Jessie Caine, Angie Herring, Brittaney Miller and Ashley Thomas, into their sorority.

   If you missed recruitment, but still want to join a sorority, informal interest meetings will take place throughout the semester.

   Congratulations to all three sororities on their success during Formal Recruitment!

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