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Band Performs Mixed Halftime Show

Linna Jones
Art and Entertainment Editor 

Photo by Eric Bell
Drum Line -  A cymbal player flips with his cymbals. The UAM percussion performs at the first game.

   The marching band will play a variety of songs from three different genres - jazz, gospel and funk - on the field this fall. The selected songs include “Shining Star” by Earth, Wind and Fire, “Corner Pocket” by Count Basie and “The Blessings of Abraham” by Donald Laurence.

   Gary Meggs, director of bands, selected the music based on the audience’s viewpoint.

   “I listened to the music I like, and I picked music that would be most appropriate for an audience at UAM,” Meggs said. 

   The band played an Earth, Wind and Fire show in 2003 and this year’s performance of “Shining Star” differs from the other with completely different drill and harder music.

   The second song “Corner Pocket” brings to the field solos by senior tenor sax player Tim Woods, first-year trumpet player Josh Martin and sophomore Travis Terrell playing electric fiddle.

   Meggs talked about the highlights of the show.

   “The combination of the music and the drill and the addition of our new soloist will be the highlights of our show,” he said. “It's not everyday you hear a jazz instrument in a marching band.”

   Terrell learned how to play violin when he was 9 years old by his grandfather. In 2005, Terrell recorded a solo debut album at the age of 15 titled “Chollie’s Waltz." He played with Willie Nelson and in George Strait's Ace in the Hole Band. He said playing for an audience always offers something new.

   “It’s always different,” Terrell said. “It’s interesting to see peoples reaction to a jazz violin player.”

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