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Winthrop Rockefeller Institute Cancels Monarch Activities

Todd Kelley
Managing Editor 

   The Winthrop Rockefeller Institute had no choice but to close its Monarch Watch associated workshop due to lack of participation.

   Lack of participation, a problem the UAM campus community knows all to well, halted Jim Edson from speaking at the event Oct. 26 - 27. Sandy Davies, special projects coordinator for the Winthrop Rockefeller Institute, said plans are underway for another Monarch related event.

   "We have Jack Singleton coming for a tagging session," Davies said. "Also, since we are a Monarch way-station we would love to have Dr. Edson come back when we reschedule next fall."

   The entire workshop consisted of sessions in each area:

  1. small water gardens

  2. outdoor lighting (open to all participants following dinner)

  3. butterfly gardens

  4. native plants

  5. shade gardens

  6. herb gardens

  7. landscaping a slope, using dry stack stone

  8. building boardwalks and small bridges

  9. building arbor swings

  10. building trellises

   Participants could choose five of these activities, though only three would be available per person, and could choose hands-on or observational participation.

   "The whole workshop was not cancelled," Davies said, "only the butterfly garden part."

   The cost to attend the workshop varied as follows:

  • a standard room with one queen sized bed $80

  • a standard room with two queen sized beds $80

  • a deluxe room with two queen sized beds $90

  • a deluxe room with one king sized bed $90

  • workshop registration fee $95

  • Saturday-only registration $75

  • dinner program only $30


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