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Part 2 of 3: Pre-registration Held for Spring Semester

Linna Jones
Arts & Entertainment Editor 

 The University held pre-registration to register for spring classes Nov. 5-16. A total of 2,746 students pre-registered for spring classes at Monticello, Crossett and McGehee campuses.

   Students registered with their advisers or through online registration.   

   Senior Bia da Silva, an international student from Brazil, said pre-registration is a familiar process. 

   “I was use to it,” da Silva said. “(It was the) same steps.” 

   The pre-registration process includes:

  • The adviser accessing the student’s progress.

  • Planning the student’s class schedule for the semester.

  • The adviser entering classes for a student or the student entering classes through “Online Pre-registration.”

   Online Preregistration includes:

  • Students who have more than 60 credit hours, earned at least 2.5 cumulative grade point average and are not on academic standing may pre-register online after seeing their adviser.

  • Academic advisers have the discretion to add or remove the online pre-registration capability on any of their advisees.

  • Students unable to access online pre-registration will have their class selections entered online by an adviser.

  • After registering, students must finalize their bill by Wednesday, Jan. 2, 2008.

   Students need to have accessibility to "Campus Connect" link found in the "Current Students" link on the UAM homepage to pre-register online.  Students need to know their student ID and PIN number to enter the system.

   To pre-register online:

  • Go to the UAM home page, choose Current Students, then Campus Connect.

  • Enter the student ID and PIN numbers. Press enter or click the arrow to log in.

  • Go to the "Registration" button to access a drop-down menu. To add classes for Spring 2008, select "Add/Drop Courses" from the registration drop-down menu.

  • To access the list of classes, highlight the term and the department from which you want to choose classes. Click "List Courses" button.

  • To add a class, click the ADD button beside the class listing; the added class will appear in the upper part of the screen.

  • To drop a class, click the DROP button beside the listings in the upper part of the screen.

  • To add a class from a different academic unit, click the button at the bottom of the listing "Select a different term code or department," and then select the desired term and department.

  • After achieving the desired schedule of classes, select "View Schedule" from the registration drop-down menu. If changes are needed, repeat the steps above, beginning with Step 3.

   Before a first-time student can pre-register the student needs to apply for admission in person, online or by mail and apply for financial aid with the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

   First-time students are assigned an academic adviser to help the student register. Students have an opportunity to enroll at three to four incoming registration sessions during the summer. Advisers sign students up for classes depending on the student's declared major. At the beginning of the semester, advisers help incoming students sign up in Harris Hall.

   First-year student Brandy Forester described her registration experience as "fairly easy."

   “(The advisers) were very helpful in the fall," Forester said. 

   Students need to make sure to turn in all needed documents. If the student lacks a shot, they need to get it immediately or they will be withdrawn from school.

   Students will also need to sign their bill. 

   “One thing that causes us and students a lot of grief is that they don’t finalize by the stated deadline, which causes their registration to be voided and the student has to reregister,”  said Debbie Bryant, associate vice chancellor and registrar.

 Students can finalize their bill by:

  • Faxing a signature on the bill.

  • Going online.

  • Going to the Cashier's Office on the second floor of Harris Hall to pay the bill.

   Bryant called Harris Hall the “one-stop shop.” Once students register, they get an official adviser. Having registration in one, central location helped ease the stress of registration. Harris Hall became known for the one-stop shop after the Cashier's office moved from Babin Business Center.  

   Carlos Bertoglio, Fulbright scholar, said registration at UAM and in Argentina are alike in at least one area.

   “Red tape is red tape everywhere,” Bertoglio said. 

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