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Diamond Girls Hit Campus for the Baseball Team

Amanda West
Staff Writer

   The Diamond Girls became an official University of Arkansas - Monticello recognized organization this semester. The group will serve as a booster club for the baseball team.

   The Diamond Girls, lead by co-captains Heather Wilkerson and Samantha Coulter, said it plans to keep very busy this baseball season. The organization said it plans to serve as bat and ball girls while dressed in uniforms, supply enthusiasm for the team with signs, help with tailgating before games, and cheer the Boll Weevils on during games. 

   “The girls want to create a winning atmosphere for the team,” said Rachel Carter, on-campus adviser for the group.

   The group sold tickets earlier this semester and gave away two hunting jackets donated by local businesses at the UAM homecoming game. Some of the events the Diamond Girls plan to host include tailgating at 10 of the baseball team’s weekend games, charity jails in group members' hometowns and a Holiday Diamond Pageant.

   The Diamond Girls said it plans to hold a Holiday Diamond Pageant and hopes it becomes an annual event. The pageant will take place Dec.1 at the Fine Arts Center. It hosts 11 divisions, with ages ranging from 0 months - 21 years. The contestants can choose their pageant wear. Homecoming Queen Brittany Washington will crown the winners of the pageant.

   The Diamond Girls plan to help out around campus and in the community as well. It supported the ambassadors with a donation for the canned food drive, helped out with the mass flu clinic at the First Assembly of God in Monticello and took an active role in the new Student 2 Student organization on campus. 

   “Our purpose is to promote the baseball team, support them as much as we can and are allowed to, and help fill the stands with fans,” Wilkerson said.


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