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Water Boarding Not Torture

Colt Roan
Staff Writer 

   Although while listening to liberals one would think America tortures people at a merciless whim, the truth is our country still rises above it.

   I have both seen and heard left-wing lawmakers decry our techniques and call into question our integrity. These are the same people who failed to spend as much effort trying to find ways to keep our own citizens from being tortured. Actually, they are increasing the chance more Americans are tortured and killed at the hands of terrorists by demanding we leave the country and allow them to do whatever they like.

   The new nominee for Attorney General was recently grilled about water boarding. Asked over and over again if he would allow it, nominee Mukasey responded that he would not if it were indeed torture.

   Whether it is torture or not seems not to be the biggest issue as we will see later. In water boarding, a person is reclined on a board and a towel is laid over their face. Water is then poured on them to simulate the drowning experience. In reality, there is no danger to the terrorist, oddly enough. The body simply reacts if as it were drowning.

   The biggest issue is if we really even do it. Turn on CNN or CBS, open up the New York Times and Washington Post and you will most likely believe hundreds of poor Muslims have been tortured. According to the latest findings the number is absolutely shocking to some. Take a seat if you are standing ladies and gentlemen. There have been only 3.

   One of those was Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. KSM was the “mastermind” of the 9/11 plot that took the lives of 3,000 innocent Americans. I bring this to remembrance in order to possibly persuade reading liberals that the attack on us was indeed more heinous than the one and a half minute drowning simulation performed on the terrorist.

   Yes, Khalid Mohammed lasted less than two minutes. He was uncomfortable for only that limited amount of time. I think this is justifiable to the families who lost their husbands, wives and children, those who had committed no wrong.

   Not so shocking to conservatives, the number of people found to be water boarded must upset most liberals. If the number had been a lot higher, they would have had another reason to hate America and complain about our horrible human rights standard.

   KSM was the terrorist who took Daniel Berg, an innocent American citizen, and sawed through his neck with a dull knife. As our American brother screamed for his life, KSM took joy in his suffering. And probably would have loved it to have lasted longer.

   Yet where was the voice of those who do so loudly rail against our own government? Where were those voices when he was savagely executed?

   They were nowhere. But you can hear them in the papers, on the radios and on your TV. You can hear them compare our nation to the very enemy we face. You can hear them turn George W. Bush into a monster.

   But when the truth breaks out, America is again seen as the greatest country in the world. Hopefully this will remind liberals and those they influence we are not the enemy. We are not the ones slaughtering innocent people because they believe differently than us. We are not sawing civilians heads off, we are not hiding in schools or shooting from hospital windows.

   And even when we finally get our hands on someone who is responsible for the death of 3,000 of our brothers and sisters, we pour water on him for a minute and a half.

   He is not beheaded, he is not dismembered and he is not beaten. He surrenders vital information in under two minutes. Justice is served, end of story. Yet we have citizens here who cry for him. This is beyond me. There is no explaining this to me.

   Three people have been exposed to a minute and some odd seconds of a drowning sensation. That is all. We get our information and proceed nobly to seek an enemy bent on our destruction. How is this so horrible? How is this so tragic?

   The other interesting thing, is that this is the most heinous thing we do. The most barbarous technique we use is to pour water on someone for under two minutes. They think they are drowning for under two minutes.

   Where other nations have thought up techniques to prolong the painful experience and leave long-lasting percussions; we go through pains to make it brief and accurate.

   This is a country I am proud. A nation of honor and integrity. I understand we do not live in Utopia. I understand people are evil and innocent people will die because of evil men's actions.

   And I can see through all the bad a light. And there is no nation I would rather live in while heading for a light. I am proud to be here.          


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