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Linna Jones
Arts & Entertainment Editor 

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"tuesdays with Morrie"

7- foot-8

   Guinness World Records recognized George Bell, a lanky, 7-foot-8 Norfolk sheriff's deputy, as the tallest man in the United States. He did not qualify to be the tallest man in the world though. Ukraine's 8-foot-5.5 Leonid Stadnyk and China's Bao Xi Shun, who is 7 feet 8.95 inches, stand above him.

What’s for desert?

   A New York eatery offers patrons a desert with a price tag of $25,000.  Guinness World Records declared the Frrrozen Haute Chocolate the most expensive dessert in the world.

   What gives this dessert a heavy price tag?  Serendipity 3 make the dessert out of a frozen, slushy mix of cocoas from 14 countries, milk and 5 grams of 24-carat gold topped with whip cream and shavings from a La Madeline au Truffle. The restaurant serves the dessert in a goblet with a band of gold decorated with 1 carat of diamonds and eaten with a golden spoon diners can take home. Is a dessert that expensive really that good?

Fearless Mice 

   Japanese scientists discovered how to make mice fearless. They found a way to turn off certain receptors, a group of cells, in the brain. It resulted in a batch of fearless rodents, the scientist proved their point by showing a photograph of a brown mouse within an inch a cat, sniffing up its ear, kissing it and playing with the predator’s collar. Good thing the scientist fed the cat first.

Love at First Sight

   A New York man saw a girl on a subway, but before he could get up the courage to talk to her she left. Patrick Moberg, 21, became enamored with the woman and even created a Web site to find her. He received several responses and soon someone thought she knew the woman. He soon identified her in a picture that was sent to him, and on a final posting on his Web site said he found her.

Two Cars with One Deer

   Two cars collided Nov. 7 after they both hit the same deer. Thomas Hille hit the deer with his truck and pulled over to the side of the road. Dennis La Coss also hit the deer which was still in the road. He lost control and ran into Hille. Both men escaped with minor injuries. Talk about a new twist on an old saying.

This Week’s Read:

   “tuesdays with Morrie” by Mitch Albom. A tale of relationships, life and death, Albom writes in his book about the final months of his old professor Morrie Schwartz, who suffers from Lou Gehrig’s disease. Albom loses touch with his old professor only to find out about his professor’s illness several years later. He begins visiting with Morrie every Tuesday and learns several life lessons from someone who is dying to live.


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