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Expectations and Starting a New Chapter In Life

Douglas Boultinghouse
Staff Writer

   College is a new chapter in life for most first-year students.  To be more correct, it is a whole new book.  That is the case for me, and I had my expectations. However in some areas, I did not know what to expect.  I still do not know what to expect for everything.

   The University of Arkansas at Monticello is "a comprehensive system of postsecondary education in southeast Arkansas. Our primary goal is to serve the needs of our constituents through teaching, research and public service," said Chancellor H. Jack Lassiter on the University's Website.   

   In my limited time on campus, I have noticed each attribute he mentioned.  I couldn't have chosen a better school to attend.

   Quickly though, I distinguished two things between high school in college:  work and freedom.

   I was always told in high school by my teachers that we were "babied" too much.  I hate to say it, but they were right.  And thankfully, some of them made the effort to prepare us for what was in store for those who would go to college.  For the most part, we were given notes word for word on the board and study guides with almost exact replicas of test questions.

   In college, that's not the case.  Notes are not written word for word.  I learned that right off the bat as I worked to jot as much of what was said down, so that I could look up the words later.  I am glad that a couple of my teachers in high school prepared me for this one to an extent.

   The other difference I discovered is the new found freedom that college brings.  In high school, cell phones are not even allowed on campus, you are controlled through strict dress codes, and are forced to eat in the cafeteria or bring your lunch.

   None of those points are an issue in college.  I was delighted to be able to leave campus to get lunch somewhere of my choice, instead of eating whatever was created in the cafeteria out of who knows what, like I was used to. 

   Of course with cell phones and dress codes, I understood to dress respectively and that cell phones should be kept on silent while in class.  These limitations make sense and are bearable compared to the rules that were shoved down our throats in high school.

   So with all of this said, I am glad to have found the freedom at UAM that I did not fully expect.  I expected the work to be harder, and that it is.  I am prepared to work just as hard.  As far as the actual tests and finals, I still do not know what to expect, but am sure that in time I will learn.

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