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Campus Encourages More Use of E-mail System

Brooke Burger
Managing Editor

   During the spring semester of 2007, the University of Arkansas – Monticello Information Technology Department will begin a poster campaign across campus promoting the use of the campus e-mail system. 

Student E-mail Page

   Recently, usage of the campus e-mail system has gone up. “We have seen a substantial improvement in students using the e-mail system in recent years,” said Bobby Hoyle, director of Information and Technology.  

   According to Hoyle, professors have helped with the recent jump in usage by using the system to contact students about classes or assignments. Admissions, Financial Aid and other services around campus have helped by using the campus e-mail as the official way to contact students.  

   Adam Clemons, junior English major, said, “I check my student e-mail at least twice a day. I like to know what’s going on with the campus.” 

   The IT Department offers the campus several ways to learn about the e-mail system. They have already set up a Student E-mail Web site, which serves to help students learn the e-mail system. The site features instructions on how to retrieve pin numbers, how to change passwords and how to login in to the student e-mail. It also provides e-mail tutorials, printable handouts and an e-mail support phone number. The department also provides a discussion and handouts for students and parents during orientation about the e-mail system.  

   Hoyle said, “We would love to have a hands-on workshop too.”  He also said that they would like suggestions from students, faculty and staff on what they can do to increase usage and help people learn the system. 

   IT has also taught courses to students, faculty and staff on how to reduce the size of their mailboxes. According to Hoyle, “The number one problem is the size of the mailboxes has grown and it’s harder to manage.” 

   While IT has found it harder to manage the large mailboxes, some students have complaints about the amount of e-mails delivered to their student e-mails everyday. 

   “I never check my e-mail,” said Angela Snuffer, a senior at UAM. “I don’t use it because there are so many e-mails to sift through.”  Snuffer checks her two other personal e-mail addresses everyday, and also uses them for some of her classes. 

   Hoyle said students forgetting their password continues to be a problem. Some students have also encountered problems with their password resetting. 

   In accordance with a state policy set last year, all institutions of higher education must have the e-mail system reset passwords every 90 days. The system currently notifies the user 10 days in advance that they need to change their password before it resets. The message appears at a small bar near the top of the screen. IT cannot change this feature yet because they cannot change the software. However, Hoyle said they do plan to make it more noticeable when they have access to change it. 

   If an account password expires, the system automatically resets the password. The user will then have to go to IT to have their password reset. The department cannot look up passwords, but they can reset them to the original pin number.

   “(The e-mail system) is working very well.  The reliability of the system is good,” Hoyle said about the overall status.  “We’ve seen a tremendous improvement.” 

   For more information about the e-mail system or to offer a suggestion, contact Hoyle at (870) 460-1136 or hoyle@uamont.edu or stop by the IT Department in Sorrells Hall.

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