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MySpace Maintains a few Perks

Brittany Pickett
Staff Writer

   “I did it!” I told one of my friends earlier this year. I joined the ranks of 120,494,430 members of Myspace.com.

   I didn’t want to join MySpace in the first place, because I didn’t want to update my life on this site too. I already became a member of an ER message board, Strong Medicine and Xanga.com, plus all different types of Web logs. Why would I want to go and post on MySpace about my life too?

   At the time I created my page back in January, I wondered why I created it. Maybe it’s because one of my friends kept on harassing me saying, “When are you going to get a MySpace page; you know it’s similar to the ER board that you post on.”

   Or perhaps during the five week break from school before the spring semester started, I got bored. No mater the reason, I created the page, and my friends stopped bugging me about it.

   Even after creating the page, I thought I still had questions about my decision: “What was the big deal with this whole MySpace?”

   Sure one can meet people online from anywhere in the world and even find old friends. At the same time that can be done on other message boards, like I have done. But those message boards never led me to my best friend; however, they did lead me on other paths, such as a love interest and finding a school out of state.

   At the time of creating a MySpace page, I never thought that my best friend from grade school would find me after loosing touch for seven years.

   Looking back at my decision to join MySpace, I see it now as one the best choices I had made, because my best friend found me and now we are back in each other lives. We aren’t going to let go now.

   What if I didn’t listen to my friends who bugged me until I create the page? Would my best friend and I be back in the others life? Most likely not, but I am glad I listen to them.

   So maybe MySpace dose have its perks - it can be used to find old friends, make new friends and even keep up with family members from across the United States.
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