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Voter Registration Ends Soon

Brittany Pickett
Staff Writer   

    When it comes to voting, most people will go to the polls and cast their ballot in November. However, for students who live in Arkansas but attend school in another state, voting becomes a matter of choice.

   Do they vote as an absentee or vote in the state where they currently attend school?

   According Pam Ratliff, a representative of the Secretary of State's office, said “A student must decide where his residence (for purposes of voting) is and register there. Registration requires criteria such as driver's license number or last four digits of a social security number and residency. If a student chooses to register and vote in Arkansas while attending college, they may. If a student chooses to vote absentee from his state of residence, he may do so.”

   According to the voter’s application for Arkansas, it said “To qualify to vote in the next election, you must apply to register to vote 30 days before the election.”

    Interested students who wish to participate in Arkansas election this November need to register to vote by Oct.10.

   According to the Web site, http://www.arelections.org/faqs.html, registering to vote can be done by applying in person at one of the following locations:
  • County Clerk's Office in your home county
   • State Revenue Office, Driver Services pick up a paper form or ask for your information to be transmitted electronically
   • Public Library or Arkansas State Library
   • Public Assistance Agency
   • Disability Agency
   • Military Recruitment Office
   • Arkansas National Guard
   • Any Voter Registration Drive

   Or apply by mail by obtaining an application from:
   • Your county clerk
   • Secretary of State Voter Services 1-800-247-3312
   • The Internet at www.sosweb.state.ar.us/vote/vote.html

   If students have any other questions about voting they can call 1-800- 482-1127.

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