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SGA Discusses Homecoming, Spirit Week

Brittany Picket
Staff Writer

In the Student Government Association meeting Sept. 26, the primary discussion included Homecoming week, ideas about spirit week and plans throughout the week to have themed days.

   During sprit week, students will get the option to come to campus dressed according to the themed day. The spirit themes include the following:
  • Monday: Pajama day
  • Tuesday: Impersonation day
  • Wednesday: Anything Wacky day
  • Thursday: Spirit day
  • Friday: Support-a-cause day.

   Again, as always, organizations will get the opportunity to reserve a spirit wall to paint. Jordon Thompson suggested each organization provide their own brushes to use at the wall painting.

   Also, those organizations that do not get to reserve a wall there, may get the opportunity to paint windows or a sheet. More details will follow about that possibility.

   Organizations still can put plastic cups in the fence around the football field. Lindsey Knight, director of Student Programs and Activities, said as long as they do not spray or paint the cups while they are in the fence, then they can do it.
   Other things dicussed in the meeting included the Oct. 5 game against Henderson will be televised, and trying to get people on both the home and visitor side

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