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Taylor Library Introduces Book Exchange

Brooke Burger & Tamara Sipes
Managing Editor & Staff Writer

    The Fred J. Taylor Library will begin their latest feature, the Library Book Exchange Oct. 2. The Library Book Exchange will supply patrons with leisure reading material and offer a way to recycle used books.

   Committee member Kay Crook said, “The students and other patrons have requested leisure reading material for some time. Sometimes students come in looking for something to read before the semester begins and they are unable to check out books. This will give them a chance to access reading material in between semesters.”

   The books for the exchange are not a part of the library’s main collection. Patrons wishing to use the books, simply take a few to read and return them later. The exchange depends on patrons donating books and returning used books.

   “We hope people will be encouraged to donate, so others can enjoy a large variety of material in the future,” Crook said.

   Patrons can find the Library Book Exchange section in the library next to the current newspaper section. They can donate books or return used books by dropping the books in the plastic tub located in the entrance to the library.

According Crook, this idea was brought about by the students and faculty themselves who were unable to check out any books in between semesters because their I.Ds wouldn’t allow them to do anything.

   The book exchange will contain a variety of reading material once donations get underway. However, the exchange mainly exists for leisure reading material. Fiction books will bare a green dot while non-fiction books will have a red dot.

   “It sounds like a good idea, and it will get people to read things the library may not currently have,” said Amanda Haught, a senior English/History major. When asked if she would use the exchange, she replied, “Sure.”

   All books donated to the exchange become the property of the book exchange. The committee for the book exchange reserves the right to discard any books not suitable for the exchange. They will accept slightly worn, but not severely damaged, books.

   “We’re not going to be too strict with it,” Crook stated, “If someone wants to take a book, we’re not going to tell them no, you didn’t bring one to exchange.”

   If anyone would like to take their books back, they will be allowed to, but keep in mind that if a person brings books, they will just have to catch it on the shelves and get it back as the Leisure Reading Program isn’t going to be checked through the library’s system.

   For more information contact one of the following committee members: Kay Crook, Special Collections and Circulation Assistant; Paula Reaves, Technical Services and Reference Librarian; Kathy Davis, Serials and Technical Processing Assistant; or Linda Forrest, Interlibrary Loan and Administrative Assistant, at 460-1080.

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