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SEACC Discusses Jobs

Brittany Pickett
Staff Writer

   Getting local businesses to develop a Web site for their companies could help those looking to come to the area.

   Bobby Hoyle, director of informational technology, said UAM is working on a proposal for a Web server for the community. This proposal would establish an informational Web presence for Southeast Arkansas, according to a proposal sheet provided at a Sept. 14 meeting of the Southeast Arkansas Cornerstone Coalition, Inc. Community organizations wishing to participate will need to meet requirements. For more information, contact Hoyle at hoyle@uamont.edu.

   Roy Cabaniss, professor of marketing at UAM, talked about employment opportunities for the area. He said nearly 1,000 jobs can be found in the area, including positions in production, health care-radiology and driving semi trucks. Cabaniss said these areas currently are not being served by the university.

   Cabaniss also said the business needs to make money with the person they hire, and the student needs to understand they will make more money with a degree. A percent of UAM graduates will go to Kansas, Georgia and Texas for work, he said, noting higher salaries make people leave for other places.

 In other news:

        • Chancellor Jack Lassiter spoke about the bound issue which will be on the Nov.7 ballot;
        • Peggy Doss, dean of the School of Education, said teacher recruitment is growing over the state. Some licensed teachers do not want to teach in the public schools right now. “We need to honor teaching as a profession,” Doss said, noting a high demand for teachers in areas of English, science, math and special.
        • SEACC discussed state chamber membership, then looked at drafts of revised logos and an ad for visitor’s and newcomer’s guides.

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