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Students Attend Mind Tripping in Cafeteria

Brittany Pickett

Around Campus Editor

Photo by Brittany Pickett
Mentalists - Katalina and Christian performed Mind Tripping in the cafeteria for students April 20.  They used psychology, mystery and illusion.

   Going to the John F. Gibson University Center cafeteria for breakfast, lunch and dinner is part of most students’ daily routines; however, April 20 “Mind Tripping” took place.  

   The show “Mind Tripping” performed by mentalists Christian and Katalina involves the use of psychology, mystery and illusion to perform a variety of card tricks, guess the contents of students’ pockets and read minds. 

   During one of the card tricks a student picked a card from Christian’s deck, memorized it and placed it back in the deck. Christian tried to find the student’s card in the deck; when he could not find the card, he told the student to look under his chair. The card had magically appeared under the chair the student was sitting in. 

   Freshmen Jermaine Turner said he was confused and did not understand how Christian and Katalina did the tricks; while Martha Addington said she could sit all day and watch Christian perform his tricks.  

   Katalina also got the chance to show off her ability to guess the contents of students’ pockets. While Christian held up a student’s cell phone for the rest of the audience to see, Katalina correctly identified the cell phone’s color and the carrier of the phone on her first guess. 

   Sarah Sheffield said the show left her confused. She wanted to know how Christian does his tricks because if she knew how he did it, she thinks that she would be rich.  

   "A lot has been going on and I needed a break from the craziness; so it helped me a little bit," Jordan Jarrett said.

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