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Spencer Gallery Features Senior Art Exhibition April 27 - May 11

Linna Jones

Staff Writer 

Photo by Linna Jones
Pop Artist - Senior artist Hannah Williamson explains her artwork during the exhibition.

   Seniors Hannah Williamson of Wilmar and Martha “Patty” Rico of Warren presented their art at the Spencer Gallery of the Fine Arts Center for their Senior Art Exhibition April 27. Williamson and Rico named the exhibition “Head-On Collision, Classical vs. Pop” and arranged Rico’s classical-style paintings together with Williamson’s pop art.  

    Rico’s art reflects her Hispanic heritage by portraying common dances from Latin countries such as the tango, flamenco and salsa. Her love for dancing inspired her to capture the passion and sensuality of dancing in her paintings of flowers and dancers.  Rico's artwork uses classical processes of glazing oil paint and focuses on figures and the way they move through space. 

   She uses simple backgrounds to emphasize the colors and details in her painting “Red Roses” and to emphasize the dancers in the painting “Tango.” Rico said dancing inspires her art. Her process is inspired by renaissance and romantic characteristics.

   “I start dancing and develop the dancers from these movements,” Rico said.  

Photo by Linna Jones
Classical Artist - (left to right) Provost David Ray, Senior artist Martha Rico and Bruce Terry pose for a picture at the exhibit held in the Spencer Gallery.

  Williamson wanted to deal with commercialism and junk food in America in this particular show. Several of her pieces are of fast food, including assemble-line paintings of “Cheeseburgers 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5.” She painted the backgrounds blue and, starting with the top bun, continued to paint each part of the cheeseburger one at a time.  

   She draws her art from pop culture and icons associated with America and its products. She uses familiar images and manipulates them into bright, in-your-face advertising and commercialism common in the United States. Her artwork is inspired by Andy Warhol, Tom Wesselmann and Jasper Johns. Williamson said in the future she would like to continue with her current style of painting. 

   “(I want to) just keep working with bright colors and pop culture and see where it goes,” Williamson said. 

   The exhibit will be open until May 11, and all the paintings are for sale. Those interested in purchasing any of the art can contact Rico at mpr2626@uamont.edu or Williamson at hms0404@uamont.edu. Williamson’s prices are negotiable. For more information, contact Associate Professor of Art Tom Richard at 870-460-1238.

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