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'Fiddler on the Roof' Brings in Over 500 People

Brittany Pickett

Around Campus Editor

      The two night showings of “Fiddler on the Roof,” in the Fine Arts Center had over 500 people attend during the weekend’s performances.

    Friday night’s performance brought in a full house; they had to add an extra two rows in the front to accommodate the crowd. Even with the added seats, they had to turn away nearly 60 people because there still wasn’t enough seating.

    The cliché that comes to my mind describing Saturday night's event is, “the show must go on.” During the performance on that night, one of the screens being used for the show tore and broke off during the performance. However, this did not stop the show; the cast kept on going as if nothing happened.

    Brian Lum, sophomore majoring in pre-engineering, said his favorite part of the production took place at the wedding scene.

    “In the background, two young girls dance together while one of them uses the others pig tails to make a fake mustache,” Lum said. “If it wasn’t for my English teacher I wouldn’t have attended. I’m definitely glad I came.”                                                           

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