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Community Receives T-shirts for Exercising

Linna Jones
Staff Writer

   Thirty-two students received “Spring Training 2007” T-shirts for participating in the program that ended March 9. Fifty-eight participants began the program and 32 completed it. The winners of the T-shirt include:  

Gaudencio Arce

Matt Bowers

Simone Burnett

Pam Cameron

Brooke Chambliss

Myisha Colston

Sam Fradsham

Memory Frazer

Jamil Gaston

Marquisha Gist

Amy Heflin

Jacob Hughes

Laura Hughes

Jessica Hutson

Rosalyn Jackson

Quinton Jones

Janelle Martin

Rekia Porchia

Heather Raburn

Marla Ramirez

Jennifer Robinson

Brent Ross

Brad Sears

Kelsey Spurlock

Monica Strickland

Amy Wickliffe

Meredith Woolley 

   Administrative Assistant for Student Affairs Janelle Martin said the program benefits to those who participate by encouraging exercise. 

   “I think that the Spring Training program is very motivating for faculty, staff and students to set goals for increasing physical activity,” said Martin. “Knowing you are being monitored by the student health nurse and reporting your work makes you work harder to achieve your exercise goals.” 

   Spring Training 2007 encourages students, faculty and staff in their efforts to achieve improved physical health. Each trainee participates in an independent exercise program and submits documentation for a minimum of 20 workouts. The program is in its fifth year, and an estimated 60 people participate each year. 

   “The whole goal of the program is to encourage students, faculty and staff to begin exercising regularly,” said Terry Richardson, director of Student Health Services.


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