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Music Merges with Arts & Humanities

Brooke Burger
Managing Editor

   With the dawn of every new semester comes change.  The University of Arkansas at Monticello Division of Music can attest to the changes that come with the beginning of a new semester.

   At the end of last semester, due to an unfortunate and untimely illness of the then chair of the Division of Music Annette Hall, the Division of Music merged with the School of Arts and Humanities.

   Annette Hall worked as the chair of the Division of Music for about 25 years. She fell ill about a year ago and as a result had to temporarily leave work. The music division knew they needed someone in a leadership position until Hall could return.

   When Hall returns to UAM, she will hold the position of Associate Dean of Arts and Humanities. Under her new title, Hall will oversee the Division of Music primarily.

   Dean of Arts and Humanities Mark Spencer said, “I think the marriage of music with arts and humanities is a natural one.”

   Spencer sees the merger as a chance to expound on the interdisciplinary opportunities at UAM, such as merging music with the arts.

   “I would like to see more interdisciplinary projects in the future,” Spencer said.

   The merger brings opportunities to students in both disciplines. Certain music courses, such as acting, can coincide with upper-level speech courses via a core substitution.

   According to Spencer, this underscores one of the mutual benefits of the merger as it offers speech students more performance course options as well as increasing the enrollment for music courses.

   “The merger, for me, is a good thing. It’s kind of a perfect fit actually,” said Band Director Gary Meggs. “I believe there is power in numbers.  If I’m not mistaken, the merger makes us the biggest division at UAM.”

   The merger did not cause any changes to the curriculum or funding in the Division of Music. The merger only affected the leadership roles within the division.

   “Luckily for us, we have a really good leader. When Ms. Hall returns, with her and Mr. Spencer in those two roles, we should be stronger than we were before,” Meggs said.

   Both Meggs and Spencer said they have enjoyed getting to know the different programs and faculty members since the merger. They both look forward to Hall’s return and the future of the two disciplines as a whole.

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