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Campus Renovates Cafeteria

Photo by Lori Andrews
Face-lift - An extended serving area graces the cafeteria.
Lori Andrews
Staff Writer

   Students noticed the cafeteria received a facelift over the summer. Clay Brown, vice chancellor for Student Affairs, and Charlie Kremers, director of Aramark Food Services, continue to update the existing cafeteria.

   Three or four years ago the Patio Café and Java City received a facelift. Brown hopes the renovation will be completed by Oct. 28 to reveal during Homecoming. The renovation is indirectly a part of the Master Plan to renovate the campus and make the overall appearance more appealing.

   The completed renovations include new tiled floor, extension of serving line, a section with a bar and new tables with carpet. The renovation’s progress continues with the cafeteria. They will be getting tables of varying heights and shapes and booths to go along the walls. There will also be computers for students to use as they eat.

   Kremers plans to incorporate new menu items to bring the food to a higher quality. They added a rotisserie machine last year where they will be cooking grilled chickens, vegetables and other foods this year. They will be incorporating more grab and go items in Java City and the Patio Café for customers.

   Senior Colby Boyce and Junior Arlando Wilson said the renovation is a good idea to make the cafeteria more appealing. Wilson said the food needs to be updated as well. They spoke about the University of Arkansas at Little Rock's food court as well as others across the United States.

   Wilson said, “A lot of students don’t eat in the cafeteria because they don’t like the food.”

   Kremers works with a food committee that includes students and faculty to make immediate changes to the food services on campus. They utilize a suggestion box and an online survey for suggestions from students and faculty.

   “We really want to know what students think and like,” Kremers said.

   Brown is excited about the renovation is being done.

   He said, “I thought that it was very institutional looking and not attractive, but functional.”

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