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Assembly Meets to Discuss Campus Issues

Brooke Burger
Managing Editor

   The University of Arkansas at Monticello’s Assembly met Thursday, March 1 in the Memorial Classroom Building Auditorium.  Professor of English and Chair Kate Stewart called the meeting to order at 3:30 p.m. 

   Associate Vice Chancellor and Registrar Debbie Bryant remarked on upcoming calendar issues for the 2007 terms.  For the summer I term, students will be able to self-register the last business day before the term begins.  For the summer II term, students can self-register the last day of summer I and the last business day before summer II begins.  Both terms will have two days of open registration, scheduled after each term begins. 

   The new calendar also brought changes for the fall and spring registration periods.  During the fall term, students can sign up for spring classes during the two weeks of pre-registration in late fall.  As well, a two-week pre-registration period will take place in late spring, allowing students to enroll in classes for summer I, summer II and fall terms.  Administration changed the original three-week pre-registration period to two weeks in hopes that it would make the process more efficient. 

   Bryant reminded those in attendance that the Registrar’s office requires students to finalize their bill by the set deadline whether they owe a current balance or not.  Students can finalize their bill in the Cashier’s office located on the second floor of Harris Hall.  If students do not finalize by the deadline, the Registrar’s office will place the student on hold or drop them. 

   Registrar’s keeps a record of all students dropped and their current class schedules.  Therefore, students who have been dropped can go to the Registrar’s office to be reinstated into their original classes.  If the class is full, students must use a green card to enroll in the course. 

   Provost and Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs David Ray commented further on the changes within the new catalog and schedules.  According to Ray, more evening and night classes will be offered for the summer and fall terms.  Also, pre-registration for summer and fall terms will take place April 2 – 13.  Students should make an appointment with their advisors and review the class schedules

   Ray also reported that the enrollment for the spring term was up to a record 3100, but the Student Semester Credit Hours (SSCH) is down due to students taking fewer hours.  According to Ray, more students are taking 12 hours instead of 16 or 18 hours a semester and the lower SSCH could effect UAM’s funding.  Chancellor Jack Lassiter requested that UAM faculty and staff share ideas regarding the low SSCH and why students are now taking fewer hours. 

   The Assembly meeting also included discussion on the upcoming 2008 budget for UAM and possible tuition changes.  According to Vice Chancellor of Finance and Administration Jay Jones, the committee has started working on the 2008 budget, and the hearings will begin this month.   

   Jones stated that it appeared higher education would receive a 10 percent increase for funding from the state; however, UAM will actually receive approximately 5.7 percent.  Jones also reported a possible increase in tuition from $138 per hour to no higher than $145 per hour, which would avoid penalties in the funding formula. 

   Other issues covered included: 

§             New Business:  Stewart, who is currently serving her last term as Assembly Chair, announced that elections for new officers for the Assembly Committee for the 2007 -2008 year are approaching.  Volunteers for the nominating committee should contact Stewart.  Department heads should submit names of faculty serving on the Committee on Committees, in order to make updates and corrections. 

§             Academic Appeals:  Leia O’Fallon, assistant professor of nursing, reported 34 total appeals, 15 accepted, 17 denied and two with no action taken.  Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Dean of Students Clay Brown will gather information on how appeals from students are handled on the UAM campuses, including Crossett and McGehee.  The Assembly will then establish a common set of procedures and due process to avoid legal ramifications. 

§             Curriculum & Standards:  Associate Professor of Business Administration Marsha Clayton reported that the Curriculum and Standards committee submitted and approved four proposals, including the following: 

o     A proposal modifying the BAS program approved last semester now stipulates that the degree will require completion of an appropriate associate degree before entering or completing the BAS degree.  Program hours increased from 124 to 128 total hours. 

o     Arts & Humanities:  A proposal to add a new course, Introductory Studies in Foreign Language Studies, allows the unit to offer study of a broader set of languages.

o     Education:  Two proposals to modify Developing Critical Literacy Skills and Instructional Technology, which will now be a prerequisite for admission to teacher education.

o     Eight-semester programs of study plans have been approved for inclusion in the catalog. 

§             Teacher Education:  Dean of the School of Education Peggy Doss reported that the committee met Feb. 20, and announced two new student representatives.  Graduate Coordinator Donna Hunnicutt reported on the School of Education graduate programs and shared that the Educational Leadership program was approved.  She also shared the new School of Education database with committee members.  Marla Ramirez gave an update on the NCATE process and discussed the New Middle Level Generalist Program of Study.  Sue Martin, assistant professor of education, reported on the Teacher Education Programs and shared student interests in the areas of ESL and Special Education. 

§             College of Technology at Crossett:  Linda Rushing, faculty at UAM-COT Crossett, introduced the new Student Services faculty member Mitchell Powel.  Also, the opening of bids for the renovation and construction at Crossett will begin March 7.  Rushing also reported that Crossett received $66,000 from the Career Pathways Grant to be used for planning during March 1 – June 30. 

§             College of Technology at McGehee:  Bob Ware, faculty at UAM-COT McGehee, announced that McGehee received a $150,000 from Career Pathways for structure and organization.  He also announced that the Fish Fry Fundraiser for March 8 has been cancelled, but they hope to reschedule soon.  McGehee also received a $5500 donation for scholarships.  The pre-bids for the new nursing and health building will open March 8 and the bids will open March 20.  McGehee will also hold Senior Day March 2. 

§             Student Affairs:  Brown reported that the cafeteria renovations are 99.9 percent complete, and he said he has heard that the new colors are creating a positive environment.  UAM was approved as a Graduate Requisite Exam testing site for September 2007.  Brown also requested help with Who’s Who nominations.  Students nominated should turn their applications in to the Student Affairs office located in the John F. Gibson University Center. 

§             Renovations:  March 20 at 2 p.m., an architect will come to campus to discuss Sorrels and Wells renovations.  The renovations will add more classroom space.  Modular classrooms and office buildings should arrive on campus by summer. 

§             Strategic Planning Steering Committee:  Bryant reported that the committee reviewed the strategic planning structure for the university in a meeting Feb. 28.  The plan consists of unit plans from every area on the three campuses, and it will focus on resources, academics and quality of life.  Bryant needs a co-chair for this committee. 

§             Salary Study Committee:  Dean of the School of Mathematical and Natural Sciences John Annulis reported that there are two committees working on the classified salaries and one on non-classified, and both are close to presenting their findings.  Janie Carter, faculty of UAM-COT Crossett, reported that they have developed a draft salary model for the colleges of technology, which they are using to analyze each faculty member’s salary.  Upon completion, the committee will present the data to the Colleges of Technology administration for review. 

§             Announcements: 

o     An UAM alumni reception will take place in Washington, D.C., while UAM faculty address congressional delegates about the needs of students and the campus, including the Pell Grant, which has not increased since 2000.

o     Four requests for early retirement have been received.  A meeting will be held later to review each case.

o     The School of Education in Willard Hall will host an Open House Sunday, April 29.


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