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Students Attend Depression Workshop

Linna Jones
Staff Writer

   Gateway Student Support Services Educational Specialist Counselor Phyllis Waldron provided students with information about depression Thursday, Feb. 22, in the Lifting the Cloud of Depression workshop. 

   The information provided on depression included: general information, the different types, causes, emotional and physical symptoms, treatment, how to get help, sources of help and sources for immediate help. 

   Emotional symptoms of depression consist of feeling sad, empty, hopeless or numb, loss of interest in things you normally enjoy, irritability or anxiety, trouble making decisions, feeling guilty or worthless and thoughts of death or suicide.  

   Physical symptoms consist of headaches, back pain, muscle aches, joint pain, chest pain, digestive problems, exhaustion and fatigue, sleep problems (either too much or too little), change in appetite or weight and dizziness or lightheadedness. 

   “It’s a problem that doesn’t get diagnosed because of the stigma attached to it,” Waldron said. 

   Sources of help for depression included community mental health centers, general hospitals, mental hospitals, spiritual leaders, family service agencies and school counselors. For immediate help check the phone book under suicide, crisis, mental health or call your primary care physician who can refer you.  

   The National Hopeline Network provides a suicide hotline at 1-800- SUICIDE or 1-800-784-2433. You can also call 911, and they will connect you with someone. If you are calling for someone else, stay with them until help arrives. 

   Junior Melinda Miller said the lecture provided good information. 

   “It tells you things to look for in yourself for physical and mental symptoms and in others,” Miller said.  

   For more information on suicide, go to www.WebMd.com.


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