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Students Perform in Intercollegiate Band

Linna Jones
Staff Writer

   Nine students at the University of Arkansas at Monticello received an invitation to tryout for the Intercollegiate Band Feb. 14, and eight were select to play at the performance Feb. 16 at the Hot Springs Convention Center. 

   The Intercollegiate Band consists of the best college students in Arkansas. Band directors nominate members of their band, and wait to see if the nominees are selected. Once the nominees are selected, then the students tryout for a chair.  

   The nominees include: 

  • Justin Anders, senior – alto saxophone, placed third out of four chairs,
  • Kelley Martin, senior – clarinet, placed 18th out of 23 chairs,
  • Kara Raulston, freshman – clarinet, placed 17th out of 23 chairs,
  • Christi Allen, sophomore – tenor saxophone, placed second chair,
  • Kasey Earl, junior – percussion,
  • Don Johnson, senior – percussion,
  • Nicole Payton, senior – baritone saxophone, placed second chair,
  • Tim Mullenax, senior – tuba, placed fourth out of six chairs,
  • Danielle Ayres – alto saxophone, attended as an ambassador.

   Samuel R. Hazo conducted the Intercollegiate Band, playing songs composed by him, including: “Song 42,” “RUSH,” “Sky is Waiting” and “Today is the Gift and Ride.” The band also played “HOMETOWN” by Patrick J. Burns; “National Emblem March,” composed by E. E. Bagel and arranged by Fredrick Fennell and “Sure on this Shining Night,” composed by Samuel Barber and arranged by Richard L. Saucede. 

   Raulston said the Intercollegiate Band director differed from all-region band and four states. 

   “He conducted differently than any conductor I ever been under. He had a story for everything, and he taught us to play our stories through the music, which I think will better me as a player,” Raulston said. 

   Allen commented on the how this year’s tryouts for the Intercollegiate Band differed from last year’s. 

   “It was completely different styles of music from last years. Last year’s was more fast-pace, and this year’s had more expression in them,” Allen said. “It was easier than last year’s, as the band dynamics were harder.” 



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