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Anna Nicole Smith Deserves Dignity

Sally Lybrand
Commentary Editor

   Why on Earth was Anna Nicole Smith so intriguing? Was she really that interesting to us, or are we so deranged that our train-wreck-loving mentalities are drawn to poor souls like her? I guess we just love to cover our faces in shock and then peek through our fingers as real people take the downward spiral.

   If anyone took the downward spiral, Anna Nicole Smith sure did.

   I never watched her reality show much, but what few episodes I saw remind me of shaking my head in confusion and wondering if she was strung out or just naturally loopy. I do take the stand that her show was a reality show; however, because given the circumstances surrounding her life, fiction couldn’t be stranger than the truth. Of course, what is stranger than the concept of fame for fame -- you know, people who are famous for being famous? It’s self exploitation, baby!

   But in all seriousness, I am not condemning her after her death. In fact, I am disgusted that she has not been shown any amount of dignity by the press, the media or even her own mother. After years of estrangement and public disownment, Smith’s mother is inexplicably back to reclaim the body and Smith’s baby. Well, not totally inexplicably. Smith’s mother doesn’t believe that Howard K. Stern is the baby’s father and is demanding that he relinquish custody to her. I think grandma smells money.

   All bizarre circumstances aside, below the surface was a hurting human being, who had obviously been looking to fill a void in her life. By the time she had found something, quite possibly her new baby, who could have helped her eventually fill that void, she died. Maybe she died because of bad choices she made. Maybe her death was an accident. I don’t know and it doesn’t really matter how she died. Now cameras and reporters keep shoving their lenses and microphones in this baby’s face and it seems as if the frenzy will never stop. We wonder what drives a person to become like Anna Nicole Smith. Maybe we should keep carrying on like this with her daughter and we will find out.

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