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Guerrilla Marketing Incites Fear

Sally Lybrand
Commentary Editor

   Am I one of the 10 people in the world who thinks this Turner Broadcasting fiasco is hilarious? Am I one of the 10 people in the world who actually knows how to identify “mooninite?” Had the people of Boston, Mass., been watching Aqua Teen Hunger Force, they would have realized that those blinking Light Bright things posted everywhere were not bombs; they were the tools of Guerilla Marketing, a fad that even Turner Broadcasting attempted. The mass media, however, is saying that Turner bombed at its attempt. Pun fully intended.

   I realize that we live in a super-sensitive, hyper-alert world, post Sept. 11, but Boston, get a grip!  Bomb squads detonated, essentially, Light Brights. Roads and highways were shut down over something that could have been pointed out by a 10-year old. If they had only listened to the children. Come on, you know the kids watch Adult Swim. We can see the adults are not watching it. I suppose now “Aqua Teen’s” underground cool factor is about to wear off. I think it is time to go completely mainstream.

   You can tell me I am a terrible person, but I see plenty of humor in this, but  I already admitted I am an “Aqua Teen” fan. We don't care about shoving hot dogs and hamburgers down our kids throats; we put our lives in danger each day by making stupid choices, but we see a suspicious little square flipping the bird, and all of a sudden, it’s a terrorist attack! Call the bomb squad to detonate things that are not bombs! Could they not tell that these were not bombs?

    “OK boys, these aren’t bombs, they’re mooninites; I watch ‘Aqua Teen.’ Just go with it. We’re getting paid big money here. We might get on TV.”

   As of now, Turner may pay $1 to $2 million dollars in restitution and damages, but think about all this publicity generated for the show. Other companies would pay tenfold this amount for the publicity generated by the stunt. Ah, to be Ted Turner.

   Sean Stevens, 28, and Peter Berdovsky, 29, hired by Interference to place signs throughout the Boston area, were arrested last week, then when questioned by the media, asked to only be questioned about hairstyles of decades past. Nice. For their efforts, Interference paid them $300. 

   As I said, I realize that we live in a hypersensitive world, but when will we lighten up? When will we realize that our hypersensitivity is costing us something about to be long forgotten, our sense of humor?

   I can only imagine what Meatwad would have to say about this. 


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