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New Spanish Teaching Assistant Joins Arts & Humanities Staff

Linna Jones
Staff Writer

   Pilar Sanchis, a Spanish Teacher’s Assistant, joined the University of Arkansas at Monticello’s foreign language program of the School of Arts and Humanities, teaching Spanish for the fall and spring semesters of 2006 and 2007. She teaches Elementary Spanish I and takes classes with a grant from the Fulbright foundation.  

   The Fulbright Foundation works with the United States Department of State to send individuals from other countries to immerse themselves in other cultures and to provide foreign language instruction as a part of the Foreign Language Teacher’s Assistants or the F.L.T.A.

   Isabel Bacon, Spanish instructor, contacted the Fulbright Foundation and told the Foundation what the department needed.  Bacon chose two out of eight people from Spain and Argentina for the teaching positions - Sanchis and Gabriella Atan.  Bacon commented on what she wanted for the teacher’s position.  

   “We wanted someone with teaching experience and wanted someone with a Castilian accent. I like the way she taught in several countries; she has the experience of living in several countries. I think that her teaching is very effective, and she can tell her students about her culture,” Bacon said .

   Born in Valencia, Spain, Sanchis studied for her bachelor’s degree at the University of Valencia in 2004. After achieving her degree, she worked in Portugal for six months on a Leonardo grant as an intern for international relations at the University of Porto. Sanchis studied in England at the University of Exeter for her master’s degree in Romantic languages, such as Italian, French and Spanish in June of 2006. Afterwards she taught for four month in a high school in England and then for five months in Germany. She applied for a Fulbright Grant while in England and received notice while teaching in the Czech Republic in July of 2006.  

   Sanchis hopes to receive a grant to return to the Czech Republic to work and learn the native language. She speaks seven different languages including English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, some German, French and the language of her region Catalan, and she wants to learn more. 

   Sanchis commented about her time here at UAM and in Arkansas.  

    “I have enjoyed my time in Arkansas. I enjoy the cultural differences and meeting people from other countries. When I go abroad I try to learn different behaviors and try to act like them,” Sanchis said.


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