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Royer Plays Host to American Idol

Brittany Pickett & Jasmine Bolen
Staff Writer and Contributing Writer

   Singing and dancing brought Royer Hall to life Jan. 25 as they hosted a Karaoke contest on the University of Arkansas - Monticello campus. Participants sang in front of a panel of judges who acted like the judges from American Idol – Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson.

Photo by Brittany Pickett
Royer Judges - (Left to right) Michael Reynolds, Karee Dowty and David Dowty take on the roles as judges for the Karaoke contest. They gave critiques of all those that sang.

   Students participated in the Idol version of karaoke. Some sounded good and some should not quit their day job. Okay, so it sounds a little cliché, but in this case it did seem true. Everyone who sang seemed to enjoy what they did, regardless of their ability to sing or critiques from the judges, which seemed very humorous.  

   Just over 10 people sang their hearts out that night. Only a few, however, seemed to stick out the most. The first group to take the mic belted out “Unfaithful” – a sad attempt, but the judges seemed fair with their remarks. 

   Judge Michael Reynolds playing as Randy said, “Power to the black people.”  

   Since rules prohibit the use of lighters in the residence hall dormitories, the crowd used their cell phones, which they moved in the air as one of the participants attempted to sing. The singer fell short, singing “Blurry.” He appeared nervous but knew the words to the song. He ended with a wonderful air guitar performance to conclude his time on stage.  

Photo by Brittany Pickett
First Place - Jennifer Cobb won first place at the karaoke contest.

   Introduced as ‘Mr. Pimp,’ Eric Bell dressed up for his part. He sang a jazzed-up version of ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.” 

    “It’s the only one I know,” he said. If he had danced, perhaps it would have made it better.  

   Another contestant sang “Silent Night.”  At first it appeared not favored by the crowd, but by then end of her performance the crowd cheered. As she sang it made it feel as if it should snow outside.  

   One of the participants, Yvonne Hinshow said, “I love to sing. It’s not the typical audience I sing for.” She said she sings at her church. “When I got up there I almost said praise the Lord!”  

   At the end of the contest the judges totaled the scores. However, the singing didn’t stop at the end of the contest. The crowd heard an encore presentation from some of the pervious contestants of the night, singing a rendition of the Temptations’ “Just My Imagination.”

   Along with those that sung on stage there were also many who danced and put lots of emotions into what they did. The event appeared to be a success.

   Winners of the night included first place, Jennifer Cobb; second, Yvonne Hinshaw and third place went to Myriel Hawkins, Temara Johnson, Lakwshia Moseby and Sharniece Calvin.


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