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Cheerleading Tryouts Set

Courtesy of Media Services
Capt. Courtney Levingston
Linna Jones
Staff Writer

   Open cheerleader tryouts will be held Monday, Jan. 22 at the Gibson University Center gym at 3:30 p.m. for two female spots.

   Judges will critique participants on tumbling, stunts, cheers, chants and the fight song. Participants will be required to have some cheering experience and at least a 2.0 grade point average.

  “Our personal goal is to help students juggle academics, extracurricular activities and to be good role models,” said Lindsey Kight, director of Student Programming and Activities.

   Current cheerleaders include Meggan LaMarche, Courtney Levingston, Caswanna Allen, Brittany Mathews, Robert Knott and Jermaine Smiley.

   Levingston, a junior biology major from El Dorado, leads the squad as captain. She began her cheering career on a dare in middle school. Since then, she cheered four years in high school and three years in college. In 2004, she taught cheers and chants for Universal Cheer Association at several high schools.

   Levingston commented on her experiences as a college cheerleader.

   “I think the fans are better; you have a lot of the alumni that cheer with you," she said. "They love the school so much, and they see you cheer for the school and they really appreciate that."

   The cheerleaders run on Monday and Wednesday mornings, practice for two hours at a time, stay in shape with cardiovascular work and weight training and cheer at the games. They have been working on building their program to produce a coed team.

   Levingston gave advice for the students trying out.

   “Put everything in it,” she said. "The first year I tried out here, there were over 20 girls trying out, and they were only taking seven. They had seven from the year before, and I showed everything that I had. In the interview sell yourself, so that we see everything.”

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