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Students Can Save Money on Books

Brooke Burger
Managing Editor

   The University of Arkansas at Monticello's bookstore quit offering 100 percent refunds on book returns after Jan. 17

   According to UAM Bookstore Manager Billy Hogue, the bookstore follows the same refund policy as the university. Students can locate the university’s policy on refunds in the 2005-2007 University Catalog under Refunds – Tuition and Fees.  

   The university and bookstore offer a 100 percent refund throughout the first five days of class. However, students who missed the first deadline can still return their books for a 50 percent refund from the sixth to the 10th day of class. Requirements for refunds include providing a receipt and returning the book in the same condition as when purchased (shrink wrap intact, tags attached, etc.). 

   Hogue offered students advice on avoiding the hassle of returns: “Go to your classes first to make sure you know which books you need before you buy them.”  

   After the 10th day of class, students must wait until the week of finals to sell their books back to the UAM Bookstore. This semester's finals will begin May 2 and continue until May 8. 

   Students have other options for buying and selling their textbooks that could save them money. The Fred J. Taylor Library on campus, the Bellelise Booksellers in town and several online sources provide students with a few more alternatives for purchasing books. 

   The Taylor Library offers a Course Reserve section, which allows professors to make their course materials available to students through the library system. Students can check out materials provided by their professors with a valid UAM student identification card. 

   Hard copy course reserves, including books, copies, articles and disks are available at the Circulation Desk. Other reserve material can be accessed online through the library’s online catalog. Students will need their ID number and the last digit on the back of their ID card to access online materials. 

   The library currently has supplemental material for the following courses available in the Course Reserve section:   

  • Introduction to Chemistry
  • Introduction to Algebra
  • Intermediate Algebra
  • College Algebra
  • Introduction to Sociology
  • Principles of Nursing III
  • Painting II
  • Theories of Human Communication
  • Seminar: American Public Address
  • Communication in Organization
  • Art Appreciation

   For more information on Course Reserves or other Taylor Library features, contact Circulation Manager and Library Supervisor Annette Vincent at 460-1080 or vincent@uamont.edu.

   Along with accessing free material from the library, students have another alternative for cheap textbooks at Bellelise Booksellers, located at 606 West Bolling Ave. Owners and UAM alumni Desiree and Sonny Thornhill named the store after their daughters, Gianna Belle and Nicolette Elise. 

   “We both realize how expensive textbooks are, and I’ve wanted to offer students an alternative for buying their books forever,” Thornhill said. “We don’t have a huge selection right now, but we’re hoping to change that.”

   The store will buy and sell new or used textbooks. They will accept books that the bookstore may not buy back including books from past semesters or books that were not purchased from UAM. 

   Thornhill said the store purchases textbooks for about 30 percent of the used value, and their textbook price range is about $30 cheaper than the bookstore or more. The store also offers a 10 percent military and UAM discount.               

   “We can’t always beat the (UAM) bookstore,” Thornhill said. “And, we’re not here to put the bookstore out of business. We’re just trying to offer another alternative.” 

   Bellelise Booksellers not only offers students a way to save money, but also to make money through selling used media to them and using their e-Bay Drop Off Store, which allows people to sell on e-Bay without the hassle of posting the item. For more information on the e-Bay Drop Off Store or Bellelise Booksellers, call 460-9854. 

   Students can also check with several online sources for their textbook needs. Buying through online bookstores can often save students a lot of money when purchasing used books. However, if students decide to buy online, they should consider the shipping time it takes for the book to arrive. 

   “It’s too much hassle to find books online; I don’t have time to search for cheap books,” said Andre Haywood, a sophomore business major. “Either way you go, you’ll be out of money. So I just buy them from the bookstore.” 

   If students would like to purchase their books online, the following online bookstores provide used textbooks at low prices:

   Whether students purchase their books from the campus bookstore, another bookstore or from an online store, they invest a lot of money into their course materials. Hogue warned that towards the end of the semester, books begin to disappear. 

   “A lot of people have a lot of money invested in books,” Hogue said. “You need to be conscious of where your money is. Don’t leave books lying in the classroom or an unlocked car.” 

   He advises students to write their name in the front and back covers of the book as well as in the spine on a page number easy to remember. These steps may help locate any stolen or lost books, which could also save students money in the long run.

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