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Boys Wearing Girl Jeans

Sally Lybrand
Commentary Editor

   If you do not live under a rock, you have probably noticed that quite a few guys are wearing blue jeans made for girls. It is the “girl-jean” craze. Now, these aren’t jeans that actually fit guys.  No, if they look like jeans that a guy would wear, they aren’t the right kind. These jeans must be super tight and too low-cut.  They must be dangerously low-cut.

   If you talk to a guy wearing girl-jeans and his voice is a few octaves higher than usual, he has probably been wearing them for a long time.  If he has noticeably dyed black hair and a Flock of Seagulls style hairdo (Google Flock of Seagulls if you are not familiar with this 80’s group.) and is wearing a lot of black, chances are he is an Emo- kid.

   Again, if you are not familiar with this, do an internet search on “Emo-kid” and the results will be self-explanatory.

   No one really knows why these Emo-kids wear girl pants. I thought at one time they wore them to attract girls. The sad thing is, girls do not like boys in girl-jeans. We do not want to see a guy in pants that are so tight, he looks bow-legged. We do not enjoy seeing the boxers hanging over the jeans. It is gross. We do not like going to the mall and seeing guys shopping in the same denim department. We want to go out with guys and sit down to eat. Some guys wear the girl-jeans so tightly, sitting down is impossible.

   I will never forget the time I was at a music venue and I saw a guy wearing girl-jeans that we so tight, he couldn’t bend his knees and his entire rear-end was sticking out of his jeans. His shirt was so short, he could not pull it down to cover himself. He was standing near me so I said, “hey kid, your booty is out; cover that stuff up.”  He looked at me like I asked him to clean his room or something. He rolled his eyes and started talking to his other Emo-friends. I hope he was not there to land a date to the homecoming dance.

   I do not have a problem with personal expression or anything, but what does wearing girl-jeans express? Personally, I think it is offensive. I do not want to see all that. We chastise young girls for wearing revealing clothing, but with this trend, guys are doing the same thing and we say nothing to them. I can tolerate a bare midriff more easily than an entirely exposed backside. 

   Thank goodness the Emo trend is dying. Hopefully some of these kids’ Christmas presents will be jeans that fit. If not, expect to see more lonely little boys complaining about having no girlfriends. Common sense should tell them that their girls are mad because they took all their good blue jeans.

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