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Laguna Beach: Season 2 Hits Stores

Danielle Thomas
Arts & Entertainment Editor  

   For all of you die-hard Laguna Beach fans, season two is out on DVD. The second year in Laguna Beach, Calif., finds the seniors, L.C., Morgan, Lo and Stephen, left Laguna for the “real world,” and new cliques come to the show to create even more drama.

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   The box set features the complete second season, episodes one through 17, and a special features disc. The special-features disc contains hilarious deleted scenes, cast interviews, Laguna memories, Laguna Beach highlights, Laguna Guide to Love, "Fight the Slide 2005," featuring Treyís efforts to help with the mud slide; "Behind the Season 2 Finale" with the cast, Seventeen magazine cover shoot, Cosmo Girl magazine photo shoot, casting tapes, season three sneak-preview and a link to MTV overdrive.

   The new members of the cast include Alex M., Taylor and Jason. The partying, lust, backstabbing and drama are even worse this season. Of course, all of the favorite members are back. Kristen is a senior and keeps herself busy between hooking up with Talan, Sam and maybe even Stephen. Jessica ditched good boy Dieter for new bad boy, Jason. The love triangle between Jason, Alex M. and Jessica takes an even bigger turn for the worst when L.C. comes back from San Francisco. Friendships are like a roller coaster ride in Laguna this season between Alex M.ís clique and Kristenís.

    If youíre a  Laguna Beach fan, then definitely pick up a copy of season two today. You can watch your favorite episodes as often as you like. If you havenít seen Laguna Beach, or maybe caught a few episodes on MTV, I recommend buying the box set. You can watch all the episodes and catch up on all the real-life drama in Laguna Beach, Calif.

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