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Alcohol Not OK at Tailgating

Danielle Thomas
Staff Writer

   The rumor that "It's OK to have alcohol at tailgating as long as it's in a cup" is not true.

   The University of Arkansas at Monticello does not allow alcohol in public areas; however, Chancellor Jack Lassiter said UAM has designated places such as faculty homes on campus where alcohol is allowed.

   "We cannot permit alcohol at tailgating. Since this is state property, and it's a public institution, alcohol is not permitted," Lassiter said. "We started tailgating last year. Since we've done it more than one year it's becoming a tradition.”

    Lassiter said so far, alcohol hasn't been a problem at tailgating activities.

   "Tailgating is a family atmosphere all can enjoy. The campus police help monitor tailgating to make sure that people don't have alcohol," Lassiter said.

    No one has been arrested for having alcohol at tailgating since it started last year, but there have been incidents where Lassiter caught people with alcohol at tailgating.

   "I asked them to remove (the alcohol) and pour it out. They were very cooperative. They were from a different state where alcohol was allowed at tailgating on college campuses, so there was some confusion," he said.

   Vice Chancellor of Finance and Administration Mark Davis, who is also the campus police supervisor, said alcohol at tailgating has really not been a problem.

   Lassiter said he thinks tailgating should continue because there haven’t been any alcohol problems.

   "I think (tailgating) is good," Lassiter said. "The community enjoys it. All the families, businesses, and banks that come out have a good time. It helps get a crowd to the ball game, and I definitely want to continue this as long as people enjoy it."

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