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Book Informs Job Seekers

Danielle Thomas
Arts & Entertainment Editor

  If you're a junior or senior, and you're ready to start looking for a job in the "real world," then "Dorm Rooms to Boardrooms" is the book to help you on your quest.

   "Dorm Rooms to Boardrooms," written by Victoria Pilate, gives facts and tips on all aspects of obtaining a job after college. 

   "Dorm Rooms to Boardrooms," a continuation of Pilate's graduate project, is based on many years of research. The book offers tips on everything about transitioning into the real world from writing a resume to what to wear to the interview. 

   The book provides excellent information for anyone looking for a job.  Some of the tips she offers on finding a job right out of college are the following:

     • Get an early start on job hunting.  Don't wait until the end of your senior year.  A better time to start looking is your junior or sophomore year.

     • Attend job fairs at your university.  Job fairs provide networking opportunities.

     • Get involved! Show employers you played an active role in college life by interning, joining a campus organization, and volunteering.  These activities look great on resumes.

   The best thing about "Dorm Rooms to Boardrooms" is it's easy to follow.  The pages have tip boxes on each side and Pilate uses humor to get her point across to the reader.  My favorite section included funny and unusual job seeking strategies.  Some of the strategies included renting a billboard and putting your qualifications on there right where the employer could see it from his office or writing a resume on a softball. 

  Pilate offers advice on the many aspects of finding and keeping a job right out of college.  This book is the job-seekers bible and I recommend it to anyone in college considering finding a "real" job.

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