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Master Plan Phase 1 Up for Bids

Todd Kelley
Managing Editor

   Changes from the University of Arkansas at Monticello's Master Plan could be seen as early as next semester.

   Bidding has begun for road work and other areas of the Master Plan. The changes that will be seen next semester are part of Phase 1 of the Master Plan. Phase 1 includes renovation of road ways and some buildings at UAM.
   “The goal is to make it a more pleasant classroom and office space,” Chancellor Jack Lassiter said.

   By renovating roadways, the congestion and traffic around the buildings of UAM will be cut down. Two effects of this will be a quieter atmosphere and pedestrian safety.

   There are many other aspects to Phase 1, though. The project description of Phase 1 cites the $100,000 road work bid, but also a bid for a $100,000 entrance sign will be coming up.

   The entrance sign will include a large video message board to better advertise the university from the highway. Minor landscaping will be a part of the message board, but major landscaping and construction will be done on Weevil Pond.

Drawings courtesy of Fennell, Purifoy and Hammock Architects

   Walking/Jogging trails are planned, with the addition of lamp post lighting. The pond will be dredged to increase the depth. Along with the addition of a fountain and proper aeration, Weevil Pond’s clarity and quality will allow the utilization of the water for irrigation of campus landscaping.

   The buildings of UAM will receive quite a bit of attention. Babin Business Center will receive an elevator to make it more accessible. The Science Centers have issues with their heating and cooling systems that will be taken care of in Phase 1. Ventilation and insulation problems will also be taken care of in this Phase.

   Sorrells and Wells Hall lack central heating and cooling and are an issue of concern that will be addressed, as well as new egress and fire code fixes. Elevators will be added to both halls also.

   Steelman Field House will be renovated to allow better organization within the buildings interior. The added space provided by this change will serve for band, athletics and intramural use.

   Renovating the press box at the Willis "Convoy" Leslie Cotton Boll Stadium will include adding a stair case, and making more accessible positions for cameras, radio broadcasts and media working stations.

   The Agriculture and Forestry departments will see the moving of the agricultural barn and a work center for Forestry Resources. The Forestry work center will contain space suitable for operations associated with soil and fiber analysis and testing. Space will be allocated for classroom use in relation to work center operations.

   The Agricultural barn will be moving southwest of its current location. The new facility will be used for equipment storage, hay storage and cattle handling. This will provide more field experience opportunities for students while leaving additional classroom space.

   The College of Technology-Crossett and McGehee campuses will be allocated $1,918,200 for additional classrooms and labs. Renovation of existing space will be used for a book store at both campuses. McGehee will also add new windows, and possible skylights to their existing main building to increase natural lighting, and Crossett will close a through road to increase pedestrian safety.

   All of the improvements will cost less than $10 million, based on the Master plan fact sheet. This estimate depends on the bidding that occurs in the next few months. The estimates could be lower, or they could be higher.

   Michael Findley, a sophomore at UAM, believes these changes will make the campus a better place. Findley says that we should definitely make some adjustments to non-traditional student housing though. He would like to move to campus, but those plans come later in the Master Plan. Otherwise Findley loves the idea.

   "I think it will be safer, by cutting all the pedestrian crossings. It will be similar to UCA and UALR. Can they put in a nine hole golf course though?" Findley said.
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