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Group Entertains Campus

Photo by Orkhan Rzayev
Happy - (from left) Deborah Brown got a song from Scott Sartain.
Linna Jones
Staff Writer

   Red, Hot…& Blue, a regular performance group based in Branson, Mo., entertained the community of Monticello, the professors and students, the chancellor and his wife, and several others.

   The March 10 show presented styles of music ranging from the 1900s to the 1970s. The cast sang and dance the different styles of the 20th century. The different varieties song and dance consisted of ragtime, jazz, big band, rock 'n' roll, the hustle and several others. The audience responded with claps and cheers for the performers and often participated in the show.

   First-year student Jason Bowen received a surprise when cast member Sonya Godfrey sang to him during the first number. She also sat in his lap.

   “The show was delightful and thoroughly enjoyable,” Bowen said. “The lap dance was a bonus.”

   Deborah Brown received a surprise as well: cast member Scott Sartain sang to her.

   “Wow, it was so amazing,” Brown said. “It was the best show I have ever seen.”

   Red, Hot…& Blue began July 4, 1996, to honor veterans. The announcer asked if any veterans were in the audience; several stood up. The veterans served in the several areas of the armed forces. The veterans shouted out which area served, and the announcer responded “Civil War - who said the Civil War?” The audience laughed heartily at the comment.

   The cast ranged in age from 20 to 38, and came from different areas of the United States. Several of the cast knew how to dance before coming to the show and others, who did not know how, picked it up.

   “It's good and we are transits to Branson,” Sartain said. “We are drawn there for work.”

   The show continued their fourth regional tour. The performers work for Holland American cruise line for seven years now and have cruised around the world.

    Producer Christopher Rucker said, “Just when I am feel like I am getting to old, I find a reason to continue performing for an audience like this. Great audience by the way.”

    Heather Gentry, a newcomer to the group, started on New Year's Eve of this year in Billings, Mont.

      “It’s been a roller coaster, I have learned the show in a week from a video tape,” Gentry said. “I’ve learned a lot from them, and the performers have tons of great experience.”

   For more information on the Red, Hot…& Blue, Check out their Web site at www.redhotblue.com.


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