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Buford Lamb
taff Writer

   If you happened to miss the Jazz Band Concert Tuesday night, you missed an awesome performance from both the First and Second Jazz Bands.

   Under the direction of Les Pack, the Second Jazz Band opened the night with "Speed Shift." This piece made them seem nervous; there were a lot of what seemed like wrong notes, but the solo, given by Zac Rostan, was good as were the trombones and drums. The next song was "Count Bases" which featured Freddy Gibson, Matthew Waide, Rostan, Jonathan Urtle and Brian Peck. This song had excellent solos; it was a more balanced sound, and it seemed like the band worked into a rhythm like they were more comfortable. "Heat Seeker" featured Waide who, in this reporter's opinion, is quite possibly the next Tim Woods; yes, he is that good. The fans seemed to like this tune and really got into it. The next song was "Watermelon Man" with solo by Urtle, Peck, Waide, Gibson, Don Johnson and Mr. Ezekiel 3:18 himself, Gary Meggs. The audience really enjoyed seeing the human side of Meggs and hearing this funky groove song.

   The First Band, under the direction of Meggs, stole the show on this night. The first song, "Tro Jazz," featured Woods, Thaddeus Webb and Cedric Adair, and let me say something about Woods. One of most talented musicians I have ever had the chance to see, this man will go far in the performing music field, and he is the next big thing. The next song was "Go Go" with solos from Woods, Jonathan Bradley, Amanda Couch, Kasey Earl and Pack. This song was foot-tapping smooth with some hard sax licks pulled off flawlessly. The next song was "Don't Get Caught," featuring the entire sax section and Woods. This was a fast, hard driving, almost rock piece that was hard to play, but impressively pulled off. The fourth piece of the night was "Mento Mania," featuring Josh Hollier and Webb. This piece makes you think Hollier might just be the next Louis Armstrong with his ability to hit a clean high note and his technical prowess. This song was really funky with great solos. The last song of the night was "Jazz Police," featuring Brad Friar, Bradley, Earl and Pack. This song started out sounding like the Munster's theme song, but it made you want to dance, and the crowd had fun with it.

   "It was very good, very entertaining, and made me want to join band," DeAnna Moore said.

   Meggs said the music selection was more sophisticated and more musician-oriented.

   "This performance was a good plus for us; I think that the Jazz band is on its way up," he said.

   Everyone should try to come out the next time the Jazz Bands have a concert. We have so many awesome musicians on campus; all you have to do is look.

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