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Bats Invade Royer Hall

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Royer Hall

Linna Jones
Staff Writer

  Royer Hall residents received an unwelcome surprise of bats Feb. 21 - 28.

   The bats came in through an opening underneath the eve on the west side of the building. The number of bats caught estimates 100.

   "No one really knows how many bats there were," said Jim Hudgins, director of the physical plant. "Bats don't come out at the same time."

   The maintenance crew spent many hours over the weekend catching bats and Public Safety caught the last of the bats. The bats received the opportunity to come out on their own, and maintenance placed a plastic tube in the hole to allow the bats safe passage out of the building. Maintenance waited two weeks to make sure all the bats left the building.

   Public Safety received over 20 calls about the bats.

   "We did get numerous calls; we called maintenance," said John Kidwell, director of Public Safety. "They were the ones to be dispatched to get them."

   Bats flew in the hallways, invaded the trash room, and some bats found their way into at least 20 of the residents' rooms.

   "Students were afraid to go to the trash room because of the bats," said Alisa Haynes, resident assistant for Royer Hall. "Many were scared and moved to the first floor."

   The bats mainly visited the third and second floor, but the third floor received the most bats. Felexia Aaron, a first-year education major, lives on the third floor where the bats mainly stayed.

   "It was scary; it was hard sleeping knowing bats were in the hallway," Aaron said.

 Sophomore Jennifer Cobb experienced the bats as well.

   "It was the first time I ever saw a bat up close," Cobb said. "The whole dorm smelled like dead bats."

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