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Vol. 3, No. 2 The University of Arkansas at Monticello's
Online News Source
Sept. 16, 2005

"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety"
Ben Franklin
Section Index: Topping the News || Speaking Out  || Spare Time || Athletics
Topping the News
Photograph courtesy of Orkhan Rzayev
Present  An international student made this tapestry for the University prior to moving from the Azerbaijan Republic. Read more!

Speaker Filmed Ivory Bill Woodpecker
Courtesy of Media Services

Campus Hosts Planning Programs
Courtesy of Media Services

Around Campus

Ophelia Hits East Coast
KRT News Service

UAM Unveils Its Master Plan
By Michael Ford

International Student Brings Gift
By Erin Anthony
Staff Writer

Professor Plans to Stay
By Michael Ford

Blood Drive Exceeds Goal
Voice Staff

Sloan Semester Helps Katrina Victims
Courtesy of State Department of Higher Education

Higher Education Helps in Relief Efforts
Courtesy of State Department of Higher Education

Survey Examines Economic Development, Forestry Products
Courtesy of Media Services

Campus Police Log

Section Index: Topping the News || Speaking Out  || Spare Time || Athletics
Speaking Out
Summer Yields to Fall
By Bronwyn Lance Chester

KRT News Service

Fewer Choose College Route
By Teresa Mask
KRT News Service

Reader's Forum
Thanks for your responses

Editorial Cartoon
KRT News Service

Comment in real time re: Bush's mea culpa. If you don't know how to blog, read this.

Free Box
Take or leave something

Section Index: Topping the News || Speaking Out  || Spare Time || Athletics
Spare Time

By Bradly Gill
Arts & Entertainment Editor

County Fair Returns
By Will Collins
Sports Editor

Exorcism Lacks Scary Feel
By Chris Hewitt
KRT News Service

Sigma Tau Wins Mud Olympics
By Kaitlyn Woods
Staff Writer

Bahama Bash Returns to Campus
By Blake Anglin
Staff Writer

Poets Give Free Public Reading
Courtesy of Media Services

KRT News Service

More weather by AccuWeather®

Section Index: Topping the News || Speaking Out  || Spare Time || Athletics

Weevils Want a Win
By Paul Smith
Sports Information Director

Player Garners GSC Honors
By Paul Smith
Sports Information Director

Blossoms Split at UCA Tri-Match
By Paul Smith
Sports Information Director

Blossoms CC Falls to HSU
By Paul Smith
Sports Information Director

Duffers Announce 12th Annual Classic
Courtesy of Media Services

Five Head to Hall of Fame
Courtesy of Media Services

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"When the press is free and every man able to read, all is safe."
Thomas Jefferson

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