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'Giants' Come to Planetarium

Todd Kelley
Commentary Editor

   The Pomeroy Planetarium will host the "Giants of the Universe" Feb. 28 at 7 p.m.

   "Giants" will be a video presentation of remarkable sights and lessons learned by NASA in recent years as they explored Jupiter and Saturn.

   "I like to learn more about my surroundings," planetarium director Joe Guenter said. "I believe that it can teach us more about ourselves. We will likely not be able to explore beyond our solar system in our lifetime, so this is our closest opportunity to insights about ourselves."

   A probe used by NASA must be credited for its contributions to this event. The Cassini space probe's tour of Saturn, which includes 74 unique flybys of Saturn, provides scientists with a plethora of knowledge about the ringed planet. The Cassini mission launched July 1, 2004.

   In that time, Cassini has become a valuable asset to the human quest for knowledge beyond our world. As the Cassini vehicle orbits Saturn, hundreds of sensors transfer data to NASA scientists.

   Of Cassini's pictures, Gunter points to one of the violent storms raging in Saturn's hydrogen based atmosphere, as a teaser to the beauty of our smallest giant.

   The show will not highlight Saturn alone; Jupiter will be included in the presentation.

   Knowledge of these heavenly bodies can help advance the human way of life. For years civilian lives have been made easier, thanks to advances in satellite technology. Cell phones and high-speed Internet strut their power on earth, but only in space can you see the marvels behind your phone bill.

    Space has a special place in the hearts of humans. Over the years many people, especially in media have capitalized on humans desire to travel space. What lies beyond human capacity to see though?

   Guenter dares to ask, and he dares to pass that knowledge on to others ... others that are willing to accept the wisdom of the stars.

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