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Kids Needed for Maternal Research

Brooke Burger
Staff Writer

   The University of Arkansas-Monticello's psychology and social work departments are collaborating to conduct a study on maternal beliefs and attitudes associated with child behavior.

   Alyssa Vougas, instructor of social work, and Rick Clubb, associate professor of psychology, have teamed up to conduct the one-time study.
   They are looking for volunteer mothers or female caretakers with children ages 4 to 5 ˝. All volunteers are guaranteed confidentiality.
   The study focuses on exploring whether there is a relationship between mothers' beliefs, views and attitudes toward their parenting roles and their children's behaviors.
   The study will take place on the UAM campus in Clubb's research lab, located in the Memorial Classroom Building, Room 301.
   The mothers and female caretakers will fill out three questionnaires relating to their beliefs about parenting. The children will be video-taped playing with other children of the same age to look for patterns in their behavior. Participation in the study only takes about an hour to complete.

   "The study contributes to the knowledge base about the relationships between mothers' parenting beliefs and children's behaviors," Vougas said. "Even though we're not able to pay the participants, [the study] is beneficial because the participants have a chance to learn a lot about the research process, which is an invaluable learning experience in itself."

   After the completion of the study, a final data report of the collective results will be available for the volunteer parents to view.

   Any interested participants are encouraged to contact Vougas to discuss the study, answer any questions, and schedule a time for the study. Vougas can be reached at 460-1187 or VOUGAS@uamont.edu. The tentative deadline to volunteer is March 1.

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