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Vandals Ruin Dollar Draft Night

Brooke Burger
Staff Writer

   The River, Monticello's private bar and restaurant, recently cancelled Dollar Draft Night due to two accounts of vandalism.

   The Wednesday night special gave many students a chance to go out and socialize in a town with a quiet nightlife.

   University of Arkansas-Monticello student Tim Collier said, "Dollar Draft Night has been a big part of UAM students' social life for a while, and now that it has been cancelled, there is even less for the students to do."

   Greg Berryman, owner of The River, cancelled Dollar Draft Night the third week of January after two consecutive weeks of vandalism occurred on the restaurantís property.

   "It's a shame many have to suffer because of the acts of a couple," said Tim Sanders, a regular customer at the River.

   The perpetrators caused about $70 of damage to the new lights lining the River's front walkway. The vandals also made a hole in the men's bathroom larger.

   While the River doesn't make a profit off the Dollar Draft special, Berryman said he will consider offering the special again if the vandals are reported or turn themselves in.

   Berryman said he does not plan to press charges against the vandals; he only wants to be compensated for the cost of the damage to the lights. Contact Berryman at the River, 367-6135, with any information regarding the vandalism.

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