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Non-attending Students Must Repay Loans

Theressa Lee
Staff Writer

   Are you abiding by the attendance policy of the Title IV aid and loans? 

   Students are eligible for Title IV aids and loans as long as they are enrolled at least half-time. 

   "A student has to be enrolled at least 60 percent of the year," said Becky Hammett, assistant director of Financial Aid. "It depends on the number of days in the semester. The cut-off period for this semester was Oct. 31." 

   Hammett gives faculty lists of which students receive these funds and asks professors to watch their attendance. 

   "At the beginning of the semester we send out an enrollment verification form with different flags to the professors," said Hagit Fendley, registrar's assistant. 

   The University of Monticello at Arkansas is not required to take attendance.  It is up to the professor. 

   Hammett said any loans that are borrowed have to be paid back. 

   All funds must be paid back before returning to school. 

   "If you have any questions you should call the financial aid office," Hammett said.

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