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"Madea Goes to Jail"

Tamara Lattimore
Staff Writer

   Some people may be familiar with Tyler Perry, a writer, director, producer and actor known for playing the role of a woman, Madea, in his stage plays.

   Recently I went to see one of his stage plays named "Madea Goes to Jail," one of the best stage plays I have ever attended. Critics say that this play is like the "Matrix Reloaded."

   Perry plays Madea in the play, and is the main character in the play. Madea is the type of person who doesn't take any mess. It all catches up with her and she ends up in jail.

   This play, based on the ups and downs that families go through, actually tells what really goes on in real life, and how families deal with it. Madea plays the grandmother and she doesn't like anyone to mess with her family, and she doesn't mind shooting anyone - that is one reason why she goes to jail.

   Perry is a very successful man. He has numerous stage plays, and recently one of his stage plays, "Diary of a Mad Black Woman," was turned into a movie. It rated No. 1 in theaters across the states.

   A very talented man, while I was at the show Perry said he loves his fans and he knows that he couldn't do it without his fans, and of course without God. He is also a giving man because he is donating $1 million to the Katrina victims in Louisiana. I am looking forward to another one of his stage plays and movies; you should too.

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