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Lee Hassler
Staff Writer

   As another semester comes to an end, the stress of last minute projects, tests and finals manifests itself as students scramble to bring semester grades up as much as possible in hopes of squeezing one higher letter grade out of as many classes as possible.

   Traditionally, the end-of-semester grades are sent out to hopeful, or in some cases not-so-hopeful students via the U.S. postal service spurning a daily trek to the mailbox in uneasy anticipation of the end results of months of work. This anticipatory wait will be less stressful this semester, however, due to a new policy of posting grades solely on the University of Arkansas at Monticello's Campus Connect.

   This new policy of posting grades will not only provide grade reports to the waiting student much more rapidly, but will improve personal security and cut university costs as well.

   "It's a lot quicker and you can access it from anywhere that you have an Internet connection, and it protects your privacy as well," Registrar Assistant Hagit Fendley said.

   Although this new policy began during the summer, this will be the first full semester to use this new system.

   In order to retrieve grades, all a student must do is to go to the UAM Web site and click the Campus Connect icon, which takes the student to a second page asking if the person wishes to continue to Campus Connect. If the student knows his or her ID number and pin, all that they must do is to enter the appropriate number into the indicated spot and enter to log into the site. Once in the site, it is simply a matter of clicking on the student information tab and continuing to the grades section. Students who do not know their pin or ID number can access that information at the Campus Connect entrance window.

   Although most students seem to like the new system, some feel inclined to prefer the old system of mailing the grade reports.

   "I'd prefer to have my grades mailed so that I do not have to worry about looking them up when I am at home and relaxing from a long semester," said Brinkley first-year student Jenna Roy.

   For those who agree with Roy, whether on a personal preference basis, or a necessity of hard copy results by scholarship boards or parents, there is a contingency to have grades mailed as well as being posted onto Campus Connect. A person wishing to have their grades mailed must simply go to the registrar's office with appropriate identification and fill out a form to have their grades mailed. There is no additional cost for this service, though the mailing request must be done each semester.

   In all, the new grade reporting system seems to well received.

   "I think that the grade reports through Campus Connect is easier and more reliable in that you do not have to worry about your grades getting lost in the mail," said Amanda Tucker, a first-year student.

   As the UAM campus moves forward into a new era of interactive education, the uses of the Internet to aid in students preparing for classes as well general course and major information will continue to streamline university-student interactions as well as furthering the average student's familiarity with a world outside of college that is growing exponentially dependent on interactive communication and information sharing.

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