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Facebook Could be Troublesome

Tamara Lattimore
Staff Writer

   Facebook is literally taking over the University of Arkansas at Monticello. The Internet defines Facebook as "an online directory that connects people through social networks at colleges and universities."

   Recently, students' employers are examining profiles on Facebook. An online article questions if it should really be used or not. The article "Employers, Marketers and Parents Accessing Facebook Database" can be found at http://media.www.gwhatchet.com.

   On Facebook, personal information is given to universities across the state. Pictures, home addresses and phone numbers are just some of the information given on it. Anyone can find out what they want to know about a person through it.

   It allows you to look up anyone by just a press of button. Someone's whole life can be destroyed by someone who does not have good intentions on Facebook.

   Students use it to meet new people and to find their long-lost classmate from home. It tells what classes you may have with a person, and it also determines what classes that some may want to take.

   It does not protect one from outsiders invading Facebook. Chris Hughes, a spokesman for Facebook, wrote an e-mail which said, "While we reserve this right to use users' information, we do not sell our users' information to outside groups."

   People should be aware of the things that could happen by putting personal information on Facebook. Company representatives say information is not given to third parties, but their policy gives them the legal right to do so. But what if a third-party member is on Facebook? No legal action can be taken, because their policy states that they are not doing anything wrong.

   There should be classes on Internet protection so students can be aware of what they put on their Facebook page and can prevent any unwanted problems.


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