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Demetrius McDonald
Staff Photographer

   University of Arkansas at Monticello's Nursing Department conducted a presentation on sexually-transmitted diseases Sept. 8 for all on-campus residents at Horsfall Hall.

   Christine Felts, an assistant professor of Nursing and a registered nurse practitioner, moderated the program. The presentation consisted of a slideshow presentation detailing ways to protect one’s self from STDs, ways to contract an STD, and the most commonly contracted STDs.

   Felts deemed abstinence as the best way to protect one’s self from STDs. Secondly, Felts said the use of condoms (male and female) or barriers (dental dams that protect against secretions and bodily fluids) help as forms of protection. Since some people may be allergic to latex condoms, Felts suggested the use of polyurethane condoms—a non-latex condom.

   Other forms of protection include the use of correct lubricants, spermacide or in rare cases, an emergency contraceptive. Felts reiterated that any form of sexual contract can put one at risk for contracting an STD.

   Types STDs discussed were gonorrhea, chlamydia, trichomonas, syphilis, human papilloma virus (hpv) and herpes. For more information, contact Felts, a local health department or the Internet.

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