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UAM Revises Identification Process

Katy Murray
Managing Editor  

   The University of Arkansas at Monticello adopted a new system of identification June 14.

   The university assigned students, faculty and staff new ID numbers to be used on all UAM campuses. The new numbers replaced the old version of identification which used Social Security numbers. This conversion took place because of stipulations stated within the 2003 House Bills 1034 and 1106.

   According to Section 1 of Act 108 of the 2003 House Bill 1034, “No public or private institution of higher education shall: (1) print a student or employee’s social security number, or any part of the number, on the student’s or employee’s identification card.  2) Make a student’s or employee’s social security number available by reading the magnetic strip or other encoded information on the student’s or employee’s identification card.”

   After being modified, the administrative system (Poise) assigned a student ID number to all students, faculty and staff during the summer. 

   “So far it is working out very well,” said Clay Brown, interim vice chancellor for Student Affairs and dean of Students.” “We were able to do the conversion in stages over the summer and basically it has been very smooth.”

   All students, faculty and staff received their new ID cards at assigned dates and times throughout the summer terms and into the fall semester. The library, bookstore, cafeteria, gym and other locations that scan a UAM ID card can no longer read old cards. New cards were automatically printed using the current ID picture on file and the cards were also printed free of charge after the Social Security numbers were changed to the new ID numbers.

   The Campus Connect system also provided extra assistance by accepting either the old student ID numbers (Social Security numbers) or the new student ID numbers until everyone completed the conversion. Currently, the Social Security numbers still exist in the system but can only be used for official documents. Such documents include official transcripts, financial aid/loan information and W2s. Campus documents such as class rosters and student schedules will only print the new student ID number.

   “I think the new student ID numbers were a good idea because we have more privacy of information that shouldn’t be exposed to other students and faculty,” junior education major Stephanie Witherspoon said.

   A student may access their new student ID number by using the PIN NUMBER option in Campus Connect. This option uses Social Security numbers and birthdates but will also display the new student ID number. According to the Information Technology department, problems about the conversion may be reported to them at 460-1036.

   New student ID cards must be picked up before Sept. 16. After this date replacement cards will cost $5. New ID cards may be currently received from the ID office in Harris Hall Room 208 during the following office hours: 8:30a.m. – noon and 1:30 - 4 p.m.

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