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Bradly Gill
Arts & Entertainment Editor

Rupert Murdoch controls the world.

   In his latest bid to own every media outlet ever, Rupert Murdoch purchased gaming Web site IGN at the tune of $650 million.  In the end, only cockroaches and media conglomerates will survive.

Marvel, bigger than Rupert Murdoch.

   Marvel comics, the people who bring you Spiderman and the X-men, changed their name to Marvel Entertainment. The move comes as the company plans to produce several more movies based on its licenses. Geeks will rejoice, unless we get another Daredevil, Hulk or Elektra.

Wal-Mart's worried about monopolies?

    A spokesman for the Bentonville based company told a London newspaper that any time a particular business has too much economic clout, the government should intervene. Am I the only one that sees this dripping with irony?

Goodbye, Little Buddy.

   Bob Denver, the actor best known as television’s Gilligan died last week in a North Carolina hospital. No jokes about coconuts or getting off the island.

Game of the Week:

   "The Hulk: Ultimate Destruction" Format: X-Box. Quite simply one of the best games to come along in a while. As Bruce Banner’s alter ego, you smash everything, and I mean everything, in your way: buses, cows, helicopters and even blue floating gorillas. Definite buy if you’re a guy, though girls will stay for the heartfelt romance (OK, that’s a lie).

Rating: A

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