Board of Visitors discuss subsidiary campuses

Karon Parrish

   The University of Arkansas - Monticello Board of Visitors met Jan. 13 at the Spencer Gallery in the Fine Arts Center for a regularly scheduled meeting to discuss the Monticello, Crossett and McGehee campuses.

    The board is comprised of 13 Governor-appointed representatives from six counties in Southeast Arkansas. The purpose of the board is to offer the surrounding counties and colleges a working relationship that benefits all students.

Photo by Karon Parrish
Explanation - Vice Chancellor Ray (far right) details progress  to the Board of Visitors while Vice-Chancellors Davis (left) and Doss (center) listen.

    David Ray, vice-chancellor of Academic Affairs, told the board about the academic progress of students from the fall 2004 semester. 

   “We are pleased to announce that 112 students had excelled in their studies to make the Dean’s List for the fall semester. In order to make the Dean’s List, a student must have a 3.5 GPA,” Ray said.

    Ray noted that the schedule of classes reached 739 for the spring 2005 semester, compared to 751 for fall 2004. 

    Peggy Doss, vice-chancellor of Student Affairs/University Relations reported to the board about the fall 2004 enrollment. 

    “There is always a slight number of students who do not return in the spring and this is the reason that our total enrollment was down for spring by 212 students,” she said.

    Doss also reported on the UAM Foundation Fund, which oversees the endowed scholarship accounts that awarded 771 scholarships from the fall 2003 semester to the current semester. 

   The office also contacts former students for the annual phon-a-thon and sends out direct mail pledges that have raised money each year for scholarships. 

   “To date, $61,275 has been raised for the foundation fund,” Doss said.

   Mark Davis, vice-chancellor of Finance and Administration, oversees the day-to-day management of the campus that many students do not deal with. Faculty and staff in campus offices deal with finance and administration on a daily basis for their purchasing, software needs or building maintenance. Davis told the board that he and his staff have been working on the 2006 budget, which must be completed before June of this year.

    Davis, along with many other staff, will also be working on the master plan schedule for the campus. This ongoing project identifies the needs of the campus that will benefit the students, faculty and staff in many areas such as parking, building renovations and improved technology.

    Chancellor Jack Lassiter spoke to the board about the upcoming legislative session and the importance of working with the area representatives and senators in order to make them aware of the needs and concerns for UAM.    

   The board meeting is open to all students, faculty and staff. The next scheduled meeting will be held April 11.

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